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Rejuvenation has been tried and tested at scores of tennis, hockey and football clubs throughout Ireland. The process can restore your artificial grass surfaces to a virtually "as new" condition, improving playing characteristics and extending life span by several years, at a fraction of the cost of resurfacing.


The problems of flooding, moss & algae, hard unplayable and unsightly surfaces are almost always due to the compaction and contamination of the sand infill within the pile of the carpet. Airborne pollutants, rotting vegetation, mud and various other kinds of dirt clog up the sand infill, causing flooding, moss growth and surface hardening. This, in turn, affects playing characteristics, resulting in an excessively hard, fast and slippery playing surface.


Our rejuvenation process uses our purpose-built "Rejuvenator" machine to deliver high-pressure compressed air deep into the pile of the carpet. This breaks up the compaction and drives out the contaminated sand, cleaning the carpet pile and restoring the fibres to a vertical position in the process. The carpet is then ready to receive fresh, clean silica sand.


The process is non-intrusive, causing no damage to the synthetic grass pile itself. It is also fairly swift, taking one to days per tennis court and five to six days per pitch.


For further information, site surveys and costings please feel free to contact us.